Abe no Kuromaro (安倍黒麻呂)

ABE no Kuromaro (date of birth and death unknown) was government official (lower or middle ranked) in the middle of Nara period.

In the article of December in 740 of "Shoku Nihongi" (Chronicle of Japan Continued), it is recorded that ABE no Kuromaro arrested FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu at Nagano-mura Village, Chikano shima, Hizen Province (Obama go Nagano, Uku-machi, Kitamatsuura County, Nagasaki Prefecture, Uku Island, Goto Islands). Although Kuromaro's origin (roots) was unknown, it is speculated that he was a warrior from the same family as Abe no Mushimaro who was a commander of suppression forces. At that time, he had no rank and was shinshi (Daigaku student who passed a subject of the official appointment test). After that, he became Hyuga no kuni no kami (Governor of Hyuga Province) as of 761.