Azumi no Hirafu (安曇比羅夫)

AZUMI no Hirafu (year of birth unknown - 663) was a diplomat and busho (Japanese military commander) in the mid seventh century. His clan name was Azumi. His hereditary title was Yamashiro no Muraji (second highest title under Yamato dynasty). His given name Hirafu (比羅夫) is also written as 比良夫.

He was dispatched to Paekche as an envoy during the Emperor Jomei dynasty and when the emperor died in 641, he returned to Japan in the following year 642 with condolers from Paekche and acted as a condolers' host. He also had Prince of Paekche, Gyouki, at his home. When Goguryeo was attacked by Tang in 661, he went to Paekche as a general of the relief army. The following year, 662, he took Buyeo Pung, the prince of Paekche who had been in Japan, to Paekche with 170 navy ships in order to help him to take the throne. He was awarded a daikinchu (the eighth grade of twenty-six of cap rank).

It is believed that he died during the Battle of Hakusukinoe in August 27 and 28, 663. He is enshrined as AZUMI no Muraji Hirafu no Mikoto in Hotaka-jinja Shrine in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. Every year, the shrine holds the Ofune festival on September 27 and it is considered as an anniversary of the death of AZUMI no Hirafu.