Matsudaira Akikuni (松平昭訓)

Akikuni MATSUDAIRA (January 23, 1849 - January 2, 1864) was a samurai who lived during the Edo period. He was the 14th son of Nariaki TOKUGAWA, the lord of the Mito Domain. He was a younger brother of the 15th Shogun, Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA. His childhood name was Yoshimaro.

He went up to Kyoto with his eldest brother Yoshiatsu TOKUGAWA, and worked hard to support Yoshiatsu even though he was still young..
However, he became sick during his stay in Kyoto and eventually died on January 2, 1864 (according to 'Mitosama Keifu' [The Genealogical Record of the Mito Family], he died on June 14, 1864.)
His graveyard is located in Kyoto.

After Akikuni's death, his younger brother Yohachimaro (who later became Akitake TOKUGAWA), who went up to Kyoto to take care of Akikuni, took over the position of assistant to Yoshiatsu.