Matsuo Akinori (松尾昭典)

Akinori MATSUO (born November 5, 1928) is a film director in Japan. He was born in Fushimi-cho, Higashi Ward (present-day Chuo Ward), Osaka City. He graduated from Kyoto University.

Brief personal history
After graduating from university, he was employed at the Shochiku Kyoto Studio. He moved to the Nikkatsu (movie studio) which had restarted film production. In 1956 when his colleagues who had joined the previous studio at the same time as him, Koreyoshi KURAHARA and Tatsumi KUMASHIRO, moved to the Nikkatsu, Matsuo worked as an assistant director for 'Waga machi' (My hometown) written by Sakunosuke ODA. In 1958, he debuted as a film director with 'Miren no hatoba' (A regretful Wharf).

Matsuo was active in the heyday of Japanese cinema. He directed films such as 'Watashi chigatte irukashira' (Am I wrong?) featuring Sayuri YOSHINAGA, and 'Futari no sekai' (The World of Two) and 'Yogiri no bojo' (Longing in a night fog) featuring Yujiro ISHIHARA. He was good at directing films featuring men of chivalry and wrote several scripts about them. He has worked as a freelance director since the 1970's and has directed mystery dramas for TV such as Saturday Night at the Mysteries.