Akisada UESUGI (Ogigayatsu Uesugi clan) (上杉顕定 (扇谷上杉家))

Akisada UESUGI (1351 - 1380) was a person who lived in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). He was the family head of the Ogigayatsu-Uesugi clan. He was adopted by Tomosada UESUGI. His real father was Fujinari UESUGI. His adopted child was Ujisada UESUGI. His another name was Sadashige. He was Iyo no Kami (Governor of Iyo Province) and Shikibu no taifu (Master of the Ministry of Ceremonial).

Although his foster father, Tomosada (who was a member of the Kyoto Uesugi clan and a cousin of his father, Fujisada), was the shugo (provincial constable) of Tanba Province, Akisada left the capital for the Kanto region to serve Kamakura kubo (Governor-general of the Kanto region) Ujimitsu ASHIKAGA, resided in Ogigayatsu in Kamakura, and became the originator of the Ogigayatsu-Uesugi clan. The Kyoto Uesugi clan was inherited by Tomoaki UESUGI, a brother-in-law of Akisada, and was referred to as the Hachijo Uesugi clan.

In 1380, Akisada died at the age of 30.