Ichijo Akiyoshi (一条昭良)

Akiyoshi ICHIJO (June 12, 1605-March 11, 1672) was a court noble of the highest rank in the early Edo period. His (natural) father was Emperor Goyosei. His (natural) mother was Chuwamonin Sakiko KONOE. He was adopted by Tadamoto ICHIJO, former Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor). His wife was the daughter of Yorinaga ODA. Norisuke ICHIJO, the Minister of the Right, numbered among his children.

As Akiyoshi was the ninth prince of Emperor Gokosei, he was called 'Kumiya' (ninth prince) in his childhood. In 1609, he was adopted by Tadamoto ICHIJO, and he called himself 'Kaneto' at first. In1629, he was appointed as a Kanpaku and acted as Sessho (regent) later. In 1635, he changed his first name to 'Akiyoshi' and stepped down from Sessho. In 1647, he was reappointed as Sessho and became Kanpaku later.
In 1652, he shaved his head to become a priest and called himself 'Keikan.'
Around 1641, he settled in a mountain villa located in Nishigamo, the northern area of Kyoto City, and the villa and fief were inherited by his second son, Fuyumoto DAIGO, the founder of the Daigo family.