Makino Anna (牧野アンナ)

Anna MAKINO (December 4, 1971 -) is the representative of LOVE JUNX. She was born in Tokyo Prefecture. She used to be a singer and a member of the J-pop group Super Monkeys.

Biography and Personal Profile
Her father is Masayuki MAKINO, the president of Okinawa Actors School Co., Ltd. Her grandfather, Masahiro MAKINO was a film director. Her grand-uncle, Mitsuo MAKINO was a film producer. Her great-grandfather was Shozo MAKINO, the father of Japanese films. Her grandmother was Yukiko TODOROKI, who formerly performed female roles in Takarazuka Shojo Kagekidan (Takarazuka Girls Revue Company) and later became popular as a film actress. Her grandaunt is Sayoko MAKINO. Brothers Hiroyuki NAGATO and Masahiko TSUGAWA are also her relatives.

On January 21, 1987, she debuted as a singer, releasing her first CD titled "Only Lonely Boy." This song is used in "Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of Evil Spirits" game software. At that time, 'Search Anna' campaign was carried out and she appeared in the town of Perpoi in the game.

Also, it is not known whether it is related to this or not but a girl named Anna also appears in the town of merchants in "Dragon Quest III: And Thus Into Legend…," Nintendo's Super Famicon Version and Game Boy Version, and in the town of immigrants in "Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen," Nintendo DS Version.

In 1992, she was chosen as a member of SUPER MONKEYS (later Super Monkeys [in katakana of syllable based writing system of the Japanese language]). Until she left the group in April 1993, she took on the responsibility of leader.

After she left the group, she became a chief instructor of Okinawa Actors School where his father serves as the president and brought a lot of idol singers and groups, such as Namie AMURO, MAX (a music group), SPEED and DA PUMP, into show business.

Her meeting with children with Down syndrome led her to host a studio named "LOVE JUNX" to teach dance to children with Down syndrome and she also works on social contribution activities.

She participated in the morning drama series "Hitomi," which was aired from spring to summer 2008, as a dance instructor.


She once appeared on TV program "MUSIC STATION." She looked hyper and very cheerful and was so introduced by the M.C.