Chigusa Ariyoshi (千種有能)

Ariyoshi CHIGUSA (1615 - April 12, 1687) was a court noble of the early Edo period. He was the person who reestablished the Chigusa family (a branch of the Koga family of the Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan)). He served from the reign of Emperor Gosai (the hundred and eleventh Emperor) to that of Emperor Higashiyama (the hundred and thirteenth Emperor) and was promoted up to Gon Dainagon (a provisional chief councilor of state) with the Shonii rank (Senior Second Rank).

He was born in Kyoto as the fourth son of Tomotaka IWAKURA (the second son of Haremichi KOGA). His older brother was Tomooki IWAKURA, Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state) with Junii rank (Junior Second Rank). He made his surname Chigusa, recalling the Chigusa family of the KOGA branch family. He was given a jo rank in 1623, and served as jiju (chamberlain) in 1625 after his Coming of Age ceremony, and was promoted to Jusanmi (Junior Third rank) in 1649 to become a court noble. He served as Sangi (councilor) with Shosanmi rank (Senior Third Rank) in 1655. He quit the sangi position in 1656 and became Toka no sechie Geben (a court noble who supervised many matters outside Jomei Gate at Imperial Court ceremonies). He was assigned to be Gon chunagon in 1665 and served until 1669. He became Junii (Junior Second Rank) rank in 1666. He served as the Imperial official in charge of communication between the shogunate and the court from 1675 to 1683. He became Gon Dainagon in 1676 but quit soon after. He gained the Shonii rank (Senior Second Rank) by 1677.

He became a Buddhist monk at the age of 72 in 1686. He passed away in the following year. He married the daughter of Michisaki KOGA (Gon Chunagon with the Shosanmi rank) and sired Arikore CHIGUSA and Masanaga UEMATSU with her.