Chiho (智鳳)

Chiho (aka Jibong in Korean; years of birth and death unknown) was a priest from ancient Korean Shilla, who lived in the Nara period.

In 703, he visited Tang China together with Chiran and Chiyu, studied Faxiang Buddhism (or Dharma-character school which was the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Hosso sect) under Chishu (Zhizhou in Chinese) the Bokuyo Daishi (Master Puyang), who was a dharma-grandson of Ki (Ji in Chinese, aka Kuiji) the Jion Daishi (Master Cien) and the third generation founder of the Faxiang sect in China. Living at the Hoko-ji Temple in Nara, Chiho propagated the Hosso sect in Japan, which was supposedly the third generation transmission of the Japanese Hosso sect. In 706, when FUJIWARA no Fuhito revived the holding known as Yuima-e religious meetings, Chiho served as a lecturer. Gien was his pupil.