Matsudaira Chikamasa (松平近正)

Chikamasa MATSUDAIRA (1547 - September 8, 1600) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was a son of Chikakiyo MATSUDAIRA, the second son of Norimoto MATSUDAIRA. He went by the name of Gozaemon. His wife was a daughter of Rokuzaemon OOKUBO. His sons were Kazunari, Chikatsugu, and Masayoshi MATSUDAIRA.

In 1583, after the death of his father, he became the lord of Onuma-jo Castle, and served the Ogyu-Matsudaira family as a chief retainer. It is said that he rejected an offer from Kazumasa ISHIKAWA to go over to Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI together. In 1590, when Ieyasu TOKUGAWA started to rule the Kanto region, Chikamasa was granted the land Mitsukura (or Mikura) in Gunma district, Kozuke Province, capable of producing 5,500 koku of rice (1 koku weighs about 150kg), and became independent of the head house. In 1600, he became a keeper of Fushimi-jo Castle; in the battle of Fushimi-jo Castle, he defended the third keep with Ietada MATSUDAIRA, and eventually died in the battle with the keep defender Mototada TORII. In recognition of his military service, his heir Kazunari had his stipend increased to 10,000 koku and ranked among the feudal lords.