Tate Chikatada (楯親忠)

Chikatada TATE (year of birth unknown - March 4, 1184 [unconfirmed]) was a busho (a Japanese military commander) at the end of the Heian period. He was a vassal of MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka, and one of the Yoshinaka Shitenno (four most loyal retainers of Yoshinaka). He was the sixth son of Yukichika NENOI. He was commonly called Rokuro.

He participated in the Battle of Yokotagawara and the battle of the Kurikara Pass following Yoshinaka and fought excellently in the battles. It is said that Chikatada TATE participated in the Battle of Ujigawa in 1184 together with his father, Yukichika, and was killed on the Rokujo-gawara riverbank. However, details on his death are still unknown and it is also said that he accompanied the wife of Yukichika when she escaped to Kozuke Province after Yoshinaka was defeated and killed.

He had his residence somewhere near present-day Saku-machi, Minami-saku County, Nagano Prefecture.