Yuki Chikatomo (結城親朝)

Chikatomo YUKI (year of birth unknown - 1347) was a busho (Japanese military commander) from the Kamakura Period through he period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the legitimate son of Munehiro YUKI, and an elder brother of Chikamitsu YUKI. He was the father of Akitomo YUKI and Tomotsune KOMINE. His official court rank was Shuri no daibu (master of the office of palace repairs). He worked as Okura no taifu (senior assistant minister of the Ministry of Treasury).

He joined the anti-shogunate movement with his father and younger brother, and rendered distinguished services. When Mutsu Shogunfu (local government of Mutsu) was established in Kenmu Restoration, he was appointed as Hyojoshu (member of the Council of State) and Hikitsuke tonin (chairman of the court of justice) with granted territory of Shirakawa City. Then the war between Takauji ASHIKAGA and Emperor Godaigo started, and Chikatomo, along with his father, fought for the Southern Court in various battles. He and his father had established their foothold which led to the formation of the Komine clan later. When his father Munehiro died from a disease in 1338, Chikatomo sent his son Akitomo to take over his father's territory. With the declining power of the Southern Court in sight, he switched the sides and attacked Chikafusa KITABATAKE for the Northern Court in 1343. He passed away in 1347.

In 1340, he built Shirakawa Komine-jo Castle and set up a branch family, the Komine clan.