Otomo Chikayo (大友親世)

Chikayo OTOMO (Birth date unknown - April 1, 1418) was a Shugo Daimyo (Guardian Feudal Lord) over the period of Northern and Southern Courts in Japan and Muromachi Period. He was the 10th family head of the Otomo clan. He was a son of the 8th family head, Ujitoki OTOMO. His wife was a daughter of Yoshihiro OUCHI. The 12th family head, Mochinao OTOMO, and the 14th family head, Chikataka OTOMO, were his sons.

In 1368, after the death of his father, his father's successor, Ujitsugu OTOMO, allied himself with the Nancho (Southern Court), and in the same year Chikayo was made to be the head of the family. He then aided Sadayo (Ryoshun) IMAGAWA, who was sent as a Kyushu Tandai (commissioner) by Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, in stabilizing Kyushu and uprooting the Nancho forces; but gradually became afraid of Ryoshun's increasing power, and worked with Shogun Yoshimitsu, and his own stepfather, Yoshihiro, to bring Ryoshun down. He continued to serve the government and brought many great achievements, which made him become the governor of Bungo Province, and was further given the titles of Kebiishi (official with judicial power) and Sotsuibushi (official in charge of police and military roles). In his later years he was given the name of 祖高 (Soko).

He passed away in 1418 and was succeeded by his nephew, Chikaaki OTOMO.

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