Kawarasaki Chojuro (河原崎長十郎)

"Chojuro KAWARASAKI" is a name used by successive proprietor of the Edo Ichimura-za Theater, and it is also a professional name used by Kabuki (a Japanese traditional form of drama and music performed by male actors) actors. Their stage family name is Yamazaki-ya.

Chojuro KAWARASAKI the First
He was an adopted son of Gonnosuke KAWARASAKI the Second.

Chojuro KAWARASAKI the Second
He later became Gonnosuke KAWARASAKI the Fifth.

Chojuro KAWARASAKI the Third
He later became Danjuro ICHIKAWA the Ninth.

Chojuro KAWARASAKI the Fourth
He was a son of Gonnosuke KAWARASAKI the Eighth.