Shiba Datto (司馬達等)

Datto SHIBA (may be known as Tachito SHIBA, Shiba no Tachito, Tachito SHIME, the date of birth and death unknown) was a person who seems to have come from the Korean Peninsula around the sixth century. According to one theory, it can be said that he is a person from Liang Dynasty. He is also described as KURATSUKURI no suguri, Datto SHIBA, 鞍師首達等. Tasuna KURATSUKURI is his child, and a sculptor, KURATSUKURI no Tori is his grandchild.

It is said that he had been believing in Buddhism since before the official introduction of Buddhism and he had his daughter, Shima (Zenshin-ni) and her two disciples become a priest under Eben, a monk from Goguryeo (kingdom of Korea), who returned to secular life in Harima Province in 584. It is said that when SOGA no Umako from pro-Buddhist faction constructed a Buddha hall in his residence and placed Miroku-butsu (Miroku Buddha) which was brought from a foreign country, he presented Busshari (Buddha's ashes) and held a hoe (Buddhist mass). It is believed that in 585, MONONOBE no Moriya from anti-Buddhist group scorched Datto and stripped the hoi (clerical garment) of Zenshin-ni and other two disciples, putting them under restraint.