Honekawa Doken (骨皮道賢)

Doken HONEKAWA (date of birth unknown; date of death: April 22, 1468) was the head of a gang who lived during the Muromachi period.

He was originally the head of a government police organization of the Muromachi period. During the Onin War in 1467, he served as the chief commander of foot soldiers of Katsumoto HOSOKAWA's army. He fought for Katsumoto HOSOKAWA's army. Using Mt. Inari (Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City) as an army base, Doken fought against the enemy by setting fire and causing disturbances. In 1468, he was killed by Toshikage ASAKURA. He is believed to have been attacked while he was disguised as a woman to flee from his enemies.