Kurokawa Doyu (黒川道祐)

Doyu KUROKAWA (year of birth unknown - 1691) was a doctor and historian who lived during the early Edo period. He wrote a book on the history of medical science called the "Honcho Iko" (The Medicine of This Realm) and a geographical description of Yamashiro Province called the "Yoshufushi" (only the first volume is available from the Iwanami Library).

Doyu was his azana (nickname), and his first name was Genitsu, and he had some go (pseudonyms) such as Seian and Enpekiken. He learned Confucianism from Razan HAYASHI. He served the Asano family as a Confucianist and doctor in Aki Province. After he resigned, he lived in Kyoto and established a friendship with Ekiken KAIBARA who was a specialist of herbalism.

He married the daughter of Nobunari TAKEDA (a doctor who lived during the Edo period), who was from the Kawakubo Takeda family (this family was originated from Seiwa-Genji [Minamoto clan]), and their eldest son Nobusato (also known as Shukuan) succeeded to the head of the Kawakubo Takeda family. Yusuke KUROKAWA, the 13th head of the Kurokawa family, was the executive vice president of Tanashin Denki Co., Ltd. and a board member of Takakita Co., Ltd.