Eiji (恵慈)

Eiji (year of birth unknown - March 31, 623) was a Korean priest who came across the sea from Goguryeo to Japan in the Asuka period.

He came to Japan in 595 and became a tutor of Buddhism to the Emperor Suiko. He spread Buddhism over Japan and when Hokoji Temple (built by SOGA no Zentoko, now known as Asukadera Temple Angoin) was completed in 596, he lived together with Eso, a priest from Baekje, and they were called as the Toryo (leader) of Sampo (three 3 treasures of Buddhism). In 615, he went back to Goguryeo with Sankyogisho, commentaries for Buddhiest scriptures such as Hokkekyo Sutra, Shomangyo and Yuimagyo written by Prince Umayado. Eiji was deeply sorrowed to hear about the death of Prince Umayado on April 8, 622 and promised he would reunion with the Prince in the Heaven on the same day of the next year, and passed away as stated.