Eishun (英俊)

Eishun (1518 – 1596) was a Buddhist monk who lived during the Sengoku Period (period of warring states). Headed Tamon-in of Kofuku-ji Temple. He also called himself Chojitsubo. He is often called Eishun TAMONIN.

Born in 1518. He came from a powerful family in Yamato Province, the Tochi clan which were the priest of Kofuku-ji Temple Daijo-in side. He entered Kofuku-ji Temple when he was 11 studying under Eihan with the priest title of Chojitsubo. Later after completing his studies, he became head of Tamon-in and was promoted to the priestly rank of sogo (manager of monks). He then became guardian to Junkei, chief priest of Daijo-in Temple.

Eishun took over the records of incidents of the Sengoku Period and comings and goings and rumors of key people of the Kinai region titled "Tamonin Nikki Diary"; although this diary had been started during the time of the Onin War, before Eishun's time, he is considered to be one of the main authors, having penned the diaries for over 60 years from 1534 until just before his death in 1596. The diaries are considered basic historical materials for understanding the climate of the Sengoku Period.

Eishun died at the beginning of 1596.