Fujiwara no Chikamichi (藤原親通)

FUJIWARA no Chikamichi (year of birth and death unknown) was a court noble during the late Heian period. He was related to the FUJIWARA no Tamemitsu line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. His father was FUJIWARA no Korenobu, and his children included Chikayori, Chikakata, and FUJIWARA no Chikamori, who was Shimousa no kami (Governor of Shimousa Province).

After Yamashiro no kami (Governor of Yamashiro Province), Shimotsuke no kami (Governor of Shimotsuke Province) in 1127, and subsequently Shimousa no kami (Governor of Shimousa Province). It is said that in 1136 while he was at the position of Shimousa no kami, he seized Soma-mikuriya (a private estate of Soma ranch) and the Tachibana manor from the local lord Tsuneshige CHIBA. He built up power over the Bando region, and the branch family of Bando-Heishi (Taira clan) Ise-Heishi (Taira clan) established matrimonial relations to form strong samurai groups, and won the Hogen War and the Heiji War and enjoyed prosperity, but they were defeated in the Jisho-Juei War and then disappeared. FUJIWARA no Chikamasa, defeated by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo in 1180, was his grandson, and TAIRA no Sukemori was his great-grandson.