Fujiwara no Haruaki (藤原玄明)

FUJIWARA no Haruaki (year of birth unknown - 940) was a member of a local ruling family in the middle Heian period. The details of his identity are unknown, but his name indicates that he would have been a member of the family of FUJIWARA no Harumochi, who was one of the leaders of a rebellion in the Johei-Tengyo Disturbances and appointed as a local government officer of Hitachi Province by TAIRA no Masakado.
"Shomonki" (The Chronicle of Masakado) severely criticizes him for having been 'a trouble for the country and harm for people.'


He seems to have managed vast area, based in the coastal region of Lake Kasumigaura in eastern Hitachi Province. Haruaki embezzled crops from the territory as much as he liked, and rebelled against FUJIWARA no Korechika, Assistant Governor of Hitachi Province, without paying any tax. In 939, Korechika tried to arrest Haruaki in accordance with the official order of Daijokan (Grand Council of State), but Haruaki hurriedly escaped with his wife and children to Toyoda County, Shimousa Province. On the way there, he attacked and robbed warehouses storing crops in Namegata and Kawachi County, Hitachi Province.
Korechika demanded Masakado to hand over Haruaki and others, but Masakado refused it, saying, 'they have already run away.'
Haruaki, who was trying to assassinate Korechika by any means, asked Masakado for help. Masakado readily accepted it, and organized his private army and send it to the local government of Hitachi Province on November 21, demanding the revocation of the arrest order for Haruaki. The government of Hitachi Province then refused the demand and issued a declaration of war, so that Masakado was forced to fight back and occupied the local government office. As a result, this event changed the battle of Masakado from a 'private battle' to 'rebellion' against the Imperial Court, regardless of his intention.

In addition, a letter sent by Masakado to FUJIWARA no Tadahira, whom Masakado regarded as his lord, says, "FUJIWARA no Tamenori, son of Korechika, was oppressing Haruaki taking advantage of the authority of the government. Having received a petition from Haruaki, I went to the local government office of Hitachi Province to confirm the circumstances. Tamenori then organized an army, allying with TAIRA no Sadamori, and attacked me. Consequently I defeated them." It indicates the possibility of this incident having been plotted by Sadamori.

Only two months after declaring himself as 'New Emperor,' Masakado died in the battle against FUJIWARA no Hidesato, Sadamori and Tamenori. His army then collapsed at once, and Haruaki was also killed in Hitachi Province at a later date.