Fujiwara no Korefusa (藤原伊房)

FUJIWARA no Korefusa (1030 - October 10, 1096) was a court noble who lived from the middle to the end of the Heian period. He was a noshoka (master of calligraphy) of the Sesonji School (of Calligraphy). He was the grandson of FUJIWARA no Yukinari, who held the title Dainagon (chief councilor of state), and was the son of FUJIWARA no Yukitsune, who held the title Sangi (councillor). He held the office of Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) and rose to the rank of Shonii (Senior Second Rank).

He was awarded the rank of Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank) in 1031, and thereafter held the titles Shonagon (lesser councilor of state), Kurodo (Chamberlain), Mokuryo (Bureau of Carpentry), and benkan (officials of the dajokan). He was appointed as Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain) in June 1069 (old calender) and Sachuben (middle controller of the left) in January 1070. In 1072, he was appointed as Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) and Sangi, and on this occasion, he held the rank of Shoshii (Senior Fourth Rank). He was appointed as Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor of state) in 1080 and was awarded the rank of Shonii in 1082. On July 16, 1094, he was blamed for having private trade with Liao and was suspended from office, dropping to the rank of Junii (Junior Second Rank). However, he was allowed restoration just before he died.

As an able retainer serving Emperor Shirakawa, he was equally admired as 'saki no sanbo' (former three retainers) with OE no Masafusa and FUJIWARA no Tamefusa.