Fujiwara no Sanekane, Taikodaigogu no suke (Assistant Master of the Grand Empress Dowagers Household (藤原実兼 (太皇太后宮亮))

FUJIWARA no Sanekane (year of birth unknown - October 19, 1130) was a nobleman who lived at the end of the Heian period.
His father was FUJIWARA no Kinzane and his mother was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Naganari, Sani (courtier without post)
He was a half brother of FUJIWARA no Shoshi. His wife was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Tomotsuna. His rank was Shoshii (Senior Fourth Rank) and he served at the Gyobusho (Ministry of Justice).

As well as being Taikodaigogu no suke, he was made Shonagon (lesser councilor of state) from 1108 to 1115, and Kokushi of Bingo Province after that. It is reported that he became a priest when he finished his term.

While his brothers advanced in the world as elder brothers of Taikenmonin, he could not get promoted to the level of Kugyo (top court officials). According to Bunei TSUNODA, this was because Emperor Toba committed adultery with Sanekane's daughter, who was the wife of Taikenmonin, and the Cloistered Emperor Shirakawa became angry when he came to know it and banished the wife.