Fujiwara no Tamenori (藤原為憲)

FUJIWARA no Tamenori (years of birth and death unknown) was the 11th Head of the Fujiwara clan after the Founder of the clan "FUJIWARA no Kamatari." Tamenori was descended from FUJIWARA no Muchimaro of the Fujiwara Nanke (the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan). Tamenori was a son of Hitachi no kuni no suke (the Lord of Hitachi Province) FUJIWARA no Korechika. Tamenori had an official court rank of jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank) and was Kokushi (Provincial Governor) of Totoumi Province. Tamenori took the second name Kudo-daibu (literally, Master Kudo, which name derives from his office of Mokunosuke which was a forestry officer). Tamenori was the founder of the Kudo, Ito (which was written as "伊藤" in Japanese), Ito (which was written as "伊東" in Japanese) and Nikaido clans.

Brief Personal History
In 939 Tamenori lost in conflict with TAIRA no Masakado at Hitachi Province, and together with TAIRA no Sadamori did he evade pursuers from Masakado as they concealed themselves. When in March or April, 940, an imperial edict was issued to hunt down and kill Masakado who pretended to be the "New Emperor," Tamenori joined the imperial army as a commander and succeeded to defeat Masakado in cooperation with Sadamori and FUJIWARA no Hidesato, rescuing his father Korechika who had previously been raided and detained by Masakado. As a reward for his achievement in hunting down and killing Masakado, Tamenori was appointed Mokunosuke (Vice-governor of the Bureau of Public Works which was called 'Mokunoryo' in Japanese and was in charge of construction of palaces under the Imperial Household Ministry known as the Kunai-sho in Japanese). Linking the "Fuji" (which also read "To") of Fujiwara and the "Ku" of Moku (woodwork), Tamenori originated the Kudo clan. Tamenori was the founder of a family crest known as "Iori Mokko." Tamenori held prominent positions such as Provisional Governors (Gon no kami) of Izu, Suruga, Kai and Totoumi Provinces.

Family Lineage
Father: FUJIWARA no Korechika
- Hitachi no suke and Sanuki no (kuni no) suke
Mother: a daughter of Prince Takamochi
The biological mother unknown
Son: FUJIWARA no Tokisuke
Son: FUJIWARA no Tokisato

Tamenori was a cousin to both TAIRA no Masakado and TAIRA no Sadamori, thus being a blood relative of both the Fujiwara clan and the Kanmu-Heishi (the Taira clan descended from Emperor Kanmu).