Fujiwara no Tsunate (藤原綱手)

FUJIWARA no Tsunate (year of birth unknown - November 28, 740) was a retainer of the Imperial Court and warrior in the Nara period. He was the fourth (or fifth) son of FUJIWARA no Umakai, founder of the Ceremonial House of the Fujiwara clan. The year of his birth is presumed to be from 716 to 722. His wife was a daughter of HATA no Chogen. He is said to have been an official of Nakatsukasa-sho (Ministry of Central Affairs), holding no court rank.

In 740, he joined the rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu, his oldest brother, in Kitakyushu and led the force of five thousand soldiers from Bungo Province. However, the rebellion was easily subdued by the imperial forces led by ONO no Azumahito. Tsunade was captured and executed with Hirotsugu in Matsuura, Hizen Province, on November 28 of the same year.