Furuichi no Kuromaro (古市黒麻呂)

FURUICHI no Kuromaro (date of birth and death unknown) lived during Japan's Asuka period. In the old Japanese kana syllabary, too, his name was pronounced as "FURUICHI no Kuromaro." No hereditary title was given. He escaped from the capital following Prince Takechi who supported Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) in the Jinshin War of 672.

The Furuichi clan were immigrants to ancient Japan and settled in various places including Kawachi Province, so Kuromaro's place of origin is unknown. When the Jinshin War started, FURUICHI no Kuromaro was in Omi no miya in Omi Province. Prince Takechi escaped from the capital after he discovered that his father (Prince Oama) had taken up arms, got over Kafuka and joined Prince Oama's party at Tsumue yamaguchi on June 25. Prince Takechi's followers at this time were TAMI no Ohi, AKASOME no Tokotari, OKURA no Hirosumi, SAKANOUE no Kunimaro, FURUICHI no Kuromaro, TAKEDA no Daitoku and IKAGO no Ahe. Kafuka is located around Koga gun, Omi Province. It is believed that Tsumue yamaguchi was later Tsuge-go, Ae County, Iga Province (current Tsuge, Iga City) and belonged to Ise Province at that time. There is no record of the rest of Kuromaro's life.