Kishitsu Fukushin (鬼室福信)

Fukushin KISHITSU (Boksin GWISIL, year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the loyal family of Kudara (Baekje) and general. He was a cousin of the 30th King of Baekje Mu (Bu-o or Mu-wang, real name was Sho YO or Jang Yeo) who was the father of the 31th King Uija (Giji-o or Uija-wang). He was ranked as the third highest officer in Baekje, later raised to the first rank. After two months of his death, the allied forces of Yamato (Wakoku, Japan) and Kudara (Baekje, Korea) was completely defeated in Battle of Hakusukinoe (Battle of Baekgang).

Even after the fall of Baekje against the allied forces of the Tang Dynasty of China and Silla (Korea) in 660, the period of King Uija, he gathered the old retainers of the Baekje army and resisted them for regaining the former capital of Baekje, Sabi Castle (present Buyeo County, Chungcheongnam Province). At that time, a son of King Uija, Prince Hosho FUYO (Pungjang BUYEO) had been in Yamato (Japan) as a hostage for the alliance between Kudara (Baekje) and Yamato; Fukushin KISHITSU and other surviving retainers asked Yamato to send Hosho back as a symbol of the re-establishment of Baekje and to provide military supports. Empress of Saimei and Emperor Tenji (Emperor Tenchi) fully agreed to this and decided to support the re-establishment of Baekje positively, and in the next year Empress Saimei herself went to Tsukushi Province (present Kyushu region of Japan).

"Kudara Hongi" (History of Baekje), "Kutojo Kudaraden" (Old Tang History of Baekje)

According to "Kudara Hongi" and "Kutojo Kudaraden", Hosho got into the country in May, 662. Fukushin greeted and entrusted him with all the national politics. After that, Yamato kept sending military supplies to Fukushin, and Fukushin sent the captive Chinese soldiers including Shugen SHOKU (Shouyan XU) to Yamato in return. In July, Hosho FUYO scented Fukushin's plot to murder him, and killed Fukushin (in the record, Hosho FUYO 扶余豊璋 was written as Ho FUYO 扶余豊).

"Nihonshoki" (Chronicle of Japan)

According to "Nihonshoki", in June, 663, King of Kudara Hosho captured Fukushin on suspicion of treason and drilled a hole in his hands to strap. Then he asked his vassals whether Fukushin should got slashed to death or not. Shitsutoku TOKU in the second highest official rank said that he was too cruel to be allowed. Although Fukushin protested spitting on Shintoku and cursing, the King did him slashed and salted his head. Shushi KISHITSU (Jipsa GWISIL), who is considered as a relative of Fukushin, was given Shokinge (fifth court rank) by Emperor Tenji in February, 665 (in February, 671 due to the regnal year), and in 669 he was sent to Gamo County, Omi Province and died there.

His grave is located at Kishitsu-jinja Shrine (Hino Town, Shiga Prefecture).