Koide Fusatomo (小出英知)

Fusatomo KOIDE (1618 - February 25, 1695) was the second feudal lord of Sonobe Domain in Tanba Province. He was the second head of the Koide family of the Yoshichika clan.

He was the first son of the first feudal lord, Yoshichika KOIDE. His mother was a daughter of Masashige HONDA. His lawful wife was an adopted daughter of Masatora NARUSE (a daughter of Yukinari NARUSE). His concubine was from the Yamazaki clan. His children were Fusatoshi KOIDE (the first son), 小出英陳 (the second son), Shigetaka ITAKURA (the third son) and a daughter (lawful wife of Ujitoshi TODA). He served as Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Shinano no kuni no kami (Governor of Shinano Province).

He succeeded his father due to his father's retirement, on July 29, 1667. The following year, as his father died, Fusatomo distributed his father's retirement stipend 5000 koku to his family members; 3000 koku to Yoshinao KOIDE and 2000 koku to Yoshitada KOIDE. On December 5, 1673, after Fusatomo handed over the headship of a family to his first son, Fusatoshi, he retired and took second name Jokei. In February 25, 1695, he died at the age of 78.
Hogo (a Buddhist name): Kaizan Jokei Seishunin
Graveyard: Tokuun-ji Temple in Sonobe-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture