Koide Fusatoshi (小出英利)

Fusatoshi KOIDE (November 28, 1659 - March 13, 1713) was the third feudal lord of Sonobe Domain, Tanba Province. He was the third generation of the Koide family of the Yoshichika clan.

Fusatoshi was the first son of Fusatomo KOIDE who was the second feudal lord. His legal wife was a daughter of Masatoshi INOUE. His children were Fusasada KOIDE (second son), Fusao KOIDE (third son), Fusaharu KOIDE (fourth son) and a daughter (Sadatsune KATAGIRI's legal wife). His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and the position was the director of Ise Province.

His first name was Kissho (吉尚). On December 5, 1673, he took over as head of the family because of his father's retirement. He served as a Fushin yaku of the Asakusa-mon Gate and a Uketori-yaku of the Miyazu-jo Castle in Tango Province after Naonaga NAGAI forfeited the domain. He changed his name to Fusatoshi in 1684. On May 14, 1705, he transferred the responsibility for the family to his second son, Fusasada and went into retirement, then died on March 13, 1713 at the age of 55. His hogo (posthumous Buddhist name) was Zuihogikoreio-in (瑞峯義光霊応院).