Ichijo Fuyuyoshi (一条冬良)

Fuyuyoshi ICHIJO (August 7, 1464 - May 1, 1514) was a Kugyo (Court Noble) and Kanpaku (Chief advisor to the Emperor) during the Warring State Period. His name is also read as Fuyura.
He was the 23rd child of Kaneyoshi ICHIJO
His mother was Machikengoannaminamioonkata.

In 1472, he celebrated his Coming of Age ceremony in Nara, where he had been taking shelter during the Rebellion at Onin. He was awarded Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). His older brother, Norifusa ICHIJO, was in Tosa Province, and when Norifusa's son Masafusa ICHIJO died an unnatural death in the Fukuhara District in Settsu Province, Fuyuyoshi became the adoptive heir to Norifusa to head the Ichijo family. In 1477, he returned to Kyoto with his father, Kaneyoshi. In 1488, he became Kanpaku Naidaijin (Chief advisor to the Emperor and Minister of the Interior). In 1493, he was appointed Dajo Daijin (Grand Minister). In the same year, he resigned his position as Kanpaku. He died on May 1, 1514 (by the old calendar). He was 51 years old. He is buried at Tofuku-ji Temple in the Higashiyama District of Kyoto City. Influenced by his father, Kaneyoshi, Fuyuyoshi showed a passion for literature, lectured on Kokon Wakashu (Collection of Ancient and Modern Times), and edited Shinsen Tsukubashu (Collection of Waka Japanese poetry during the late Muromachi Period).