Ganku (岸駒)

Ganku (1756 or 1749 - January 19, 1839) was a painter who lived in the Edo period. His name in adulthood was Hizen. He was also known as Dokokan and Kakando. He was the patriarch of the Kishi-ha (the Kishi school). He was from Kanazawa, Kaga Province (present-day Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture).

His biological son was named Gantai, and his adopted sons were Ganra and Renzan KISHI.

Brief personal history

He became a valet of Arisugawa no Miya, and he studied the Shinnanpin-ha (the Shinnanpin school) and the MARUYAMA school, combined them, and produced decorative paintings with sharp brushwork on walls and screens mainly in Kyoto. He specialized in compositions with tigers for their motif.


He produced walls and screens for building of the Inner Court. 1790.

Wall painting at Nishihongan-ji Temple.