Honma Gencho (本間玄調)

Gencho HONMA (1804 - March 16, 1872) is a doctor of the Mito Domain in the end of the Edo Period. His common name is Motoaki, his azana (adult male's nickname) is Wakei, and his go (pen name) is Soken. The name which was given to him later is Kyu (save).


He was born in Kokawa-mura Village, Hitachi Province (current Omitama City, Ibaragi Prefecture). He grew up in a family of famous doctors; his father, Genyu HONMA and his grandfather, Gentaku HONMA, who were the founders of Kei hospital, and his adopted father, Michihide. When he was 17 years old, he entered nanyo HARA, and then studied with Ryukei SUGITA, Seisyu HANAOKA, Philipp Franz von Siebold, etc. He contributed to the last stage of Kei Hospital using the blending of Chinese and western knowledge and medicine. After he became the professor of medical department of Mito Kodokan school, he was active through lectures, treatment, writing, taking charge of the front lines of the medical community of the Mito Domain. He was granted the name of Kyu (save) by Nariaki TOKUGAWA because he saved many lives.