Inoue Genkaku Inseki (井上玄覚因碩)

Genkaku Inseki INOUE (1605 - March 2, 1673) was an Igo (board game of capturing territory) player. He was the disciple of the second Inseki INOUE, the head family of the Go circle, and his was also called Koinseki.
Jozu (Go players with 7-dan ranking or higher)
He was originally from Yamashiro Province. He was a follower of Doseki NAKAMURA, and in 1630, when Doseki was dying, Doseki requested Genkaku to succeed his stipend.
Later, the stipend for the go players were succeeded as Karoku (hereditary stipend) as stipulated by the Tokugawa shogunate, and upon the death of Inseki, Dosa Inseki INOUE, the younger brother of Dosaku HONINBO, took over the Inoue house
With this, Genkaku became the first Inseki INOUE; however, during the time the Inoue house was headed by Genan Inseki INOUE, the family line was revised with Doseki becoming the first generation head of Inoue house and Genkaku becoming the second.

During the time around 1624 to 1630, there was a match between Doseki (Insekisaki) and Genkaku at the Imperial Palace and the game was a draw.

In 1644, during the investigation of the successive head of the go house after Doseki, Genkaku and Saneetsu HONINBO both declined, and neither was Santetsu YASUI able to access the post.
(Godokoro Sengi (investigation of go house))

After his death, he was buried in the Kyoto Jakko-ji Temple as was Sansa, Saneetsu, Doseki and Santetsu HONINBO.

In the "Kakumeiki" there is a character name Genseki Hokkyo as one of the go players invited to play at Rokuon-ji Temple, with the record of him playing with the 2nd generation Santetsu YASUI in 1657, with the result of 1 win and 1 loss, a game was loss to Sanchi in 1661, and in 1665 Doseki's son Genetsu becoming the pupil to Sanchi YASUI. Genseki, skillful enough to win over Santesu as the white player (second mover, usually the better player of the two), was known to be Doseki's pupil, however, whether he was Genkai or not remains unknown.