Gyoshin (行信)

Gyoshin (dates of birth and death unknown) was a Buddhist priest in the Nara period.

In 738, he was assigned Risshi (the third rank of priest following Sojo and Sozu), and around this time he started trying very hard to help restore the Toin (East Precinct) of Horyu-ji Temple. He left his signature in temple material records as the Daisozu (the upper Buddhist priests in the second highest position) in 748. One legend says Gyoshin died in 750, but there are records suggesting that he lived after that, and another theory says that he was the very person named as Gyoshin who was relegated to Yakushi-ji Temple (today's Shimotsuke City) for the charge of using magic for the purpose of killing somebody in 754. "Gyoshin Hotsugan-kyo" (sutra written by Gyoshin) with an afterword dated September 767, which was completed after his death, is still stored in Horyu-ji Temple.