Haji no Inote (土師猪手)

HAJI no Inote was a woman (the year of birth unknown - 643?) whose Kabane (hereditary title) was Muraji. She was given the title Dainin (the third grade of twelve grades of cap rank) in "Kani junikai" (twelve grades of cap rank). She called herself HAJI no Saba. Her father was HAJI no Iware.

She was in charge of the funeral of Prince Kume, which was held in Suo Province in 603; The prince was Daishogun (command in chief) who had conquered Shilla. Because she built a mortuary for Prince Kume in Saba, Suo Province, she came to call herself Saba.

When KIBINOSHIMA no Suenomiya no mikoto (Kibitsuhime Okimi), who was the Empress Kogyoku's biological mother, died in 643, she was in charge of the funeral for Kibitsuhime Okimi by the emperor's order.

At the incident of the attack on the Jogu Oke family in December of the same year, although she attacked Ikaruganomiya Palace with 100 troops following KOSE no Tokoda, she was killed by a slave Minari during the battle.