Heguri no Matori (平群真鳥)

HEGURI no Matori (year of birth unknown) was a minister in the reigns of Emperor Yuryaku, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Kenzo and Emperor Ninken. His father was Hegurino-kiu. Hegurino-shibi was his son.

He became a minister during the era of Emperor Yuryaku and brought the height of prosperity of the Hegri clan.

After the death of Emperor Ninken, he attempted to assume the position himself, however OTOMO no Kanamura opposed Matori's intention and defeated him under the order of Ohatuse no wakasagi no mikoto (later day Emperor Buretsu); as a result, Matori killed himself and part of the Hegri clan head family went downfallen (there is also a rumor of survival).

He is believed to have made Takeuchi-monjo (an ancient text which recorded the lineage of ancient kami and a dynasty preceding Emperor Jinmu) under the order of Ohatuse no wakasagi no mikoto.