Hiketa no mushimaro (引田虫麻呂)

HIKETA no mushimaro was a government official who lived during the Nara Period.


His geneology is unknown. His hereditary name was Ason.


In February, 728, he became So Bokkai kakushi (Japanese envoy to Balhae). He was once Jurokuinoge (Junior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade). He left Japan in May, and returned in 730. He was once Shorokuinojo (Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade). In 731, he became Ge-jugoinoge (Jugoinoge [Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade] given to persons outside Kyoto), assuming the post of Tonomo no kami (the Director of the Imperial Palace Keeper's Bureau), and in 738, he became Saigu Chokan (Director of the residence of an unmarried princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). In 740, he followed the Emperor Shomu's visit to Togoku (eastern provinces) and became Ge-jugoinojo (Jugoinojo, Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade given to persons outside Kyoto). In 741, he became Settsu no suke (an assistant secretary of an office). In 743, he became Tosa no kami (the governor of Tosa Province), and after that he became Daikigashira (construction prefect). Thereafter, his name was not found in historical materials.