Maeda Handen (前田半田)

Handen MAEDA (1817-1878) was a Japanese painter. Born in Tsurugi-cho (former Handa-cho), Mima County, Tokushima Prefecture. His real name was Chodo MAEDA. His name was Seki. His azana (adult male's nickname) were Shika and Jippo. His different pseudonyms were Chodo and Seigyu.


Born in Kyoto in 1817, as a son of a doctor, Yosetsu MAEDA. Learned Japanese-style painting from Raisho NAKAJIMA. Later, having Suo NUKINA and Baiitsu YAMAMOTO as his masters, he was active in Kyoto area. It is thought that he changed his name from Chodo MAEDA to Handen MAEDA in 1872.

Died in 1878, at the age of 62.