Naruishi Heishiro (成石平四郎)

Heishiro NARUISHI (August 12, 1882 - January 24, 1911) was a socialist. He is one of the 12 convicts of those who were executed for Kotoku Incident.

Brief Personal History
He was born in Wakayama Prefecture. He graduated from Chuo University. He initiated socialist movement in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture around 1906 with some other members including Seinosuke OISHI. He was arrested for Kotoku Incident in 1910, and later he was executed. Died at the age of 30.

His brother, Kanzaburo NARUISHI (February 5, 1880 - January 3, 1931) who engaged in the sales business of general merchandise, was also arrested for Kotoku Incident (also known as Taigyaku Jiken [the High Treason Incident]); his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment after the trial, and later he was released on parole in 1929.