Katayama Hiromichi (片山博通)

Hiromichi KATAYAMA (Dec 22, 1907 – Mar 10, 1963) was a leading Japanese traditional Noh play actor (shite-kata) of the Kanze school. Born in Kyoto. Hiromichi KATAYAMA was the second son of Motoyoshi KANZE (片山九郎三郎). His elder brother (Sakon KANZE) was the 24th head of the family. In 1928 a magazine called 'Kanze' was launched. In 1944 Hiromichi inherited the family's stage name to become '8th Kuroemon KATAYAMA' however, he reverted back to his own name (Hiromichi) in 1958. Hiromichi KATAYAMA died suddenly during a Noh performance. His wife went by the stage name fourth Yachio INOUE (real name: Aiko KATAYAMA) and, their child became ninth Kuroemon KATAYAMA.


1934: '幽花亭随筆' (Published by 檜謡曲書店).

1936: Worldly Passions: a compilation (self published)

1943: True Beauty (Maruoka Publishing Co.).

1952: Performance: One Way (Published by檜書店).