Maita Hiromitsu (蒔田広光)

Hiromitsu MAITA (1533 - April 3, 1595) is a busho (Japanese military commander) (feudal lord) from the Sengoku period into Azuchi Momoyama period. His official court rank is the Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade.
Sagami no kami (governor of Sagami Province)

In the beginning, he served for Nobunaga ODA, then Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI. He had a territory of 10,000 koku (crop fields), but later it was increased to 40,000 koku. In 1588, he achieved success in the Emperor Goyozei's Imperial visit to Jurakudai (Hideyoshi's residence and office in Kyoto). On March 24, 1595, he died at the age of 63, and his son Hirosada MAKITA succeeded him. His Hogo (Buddhist name) is Soko.