Hatakeyama Ietoshi (畠山家俊)

Ietoshi HATAKEYAMA (1465-1531) was a member of the Noto Hatakeyama clan in the early Sengoku period (period of warring states).
His father was (probably) Seiei HATAKEYAMA
It is said that Renno, the last wife of Rennyo, the eighth chief priest of Hongan-ji Temple, was his twin sister. One of his daughters was the legal wife of Korefusa MADENOKOJI, the Minister of the Center (Naidaijin). He was the lord of Nishiyachi-jo Castle in Noto Province. He was Governor of Osumi Province.

His father ruled Hakui County in Noto Province as a member of a branch of the Noto Hatakeyama clan, and was treated as if he were Shugo (provincial constable) because of his kinship with the Hatakeyama clan, the shogunal deputy (kanrei). Ietoshi and his father joined the West Camp in the Onin War. Afterwards, Ietoshi shuttled between his fiefdom and Kyoto, where he had his daughters married to powerful nobility and became acquainted with Tamehiro REIZEI and others through waka (Japanese poetry).

In 1531 - when, triggered by conflict between Jitsunyo, the ninth chief priest of Hongan-ji Temple, and opposing factions, small- and large-scale uprisings took place in Kaga Province - Ietoshi and his army headed for Kaga Province to save Jitsugo (13th son of Rennyo), Renno's son, but Ietoshi was defeated and killed by enemies dispatched from Hongan-ji Temple.