Iga no Tsubone (伊賀局)

Iga no Tsubone (birth date unknown - December 4, 1384) was a lady referred to as a brave woman during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). She was the daughter of Shigehiro SHINOZUKA, who had the title of Iga no kami (Governor of Iga Province).

Personal Profile

She first served under Renshi ANO (also called Yasuko or Kadoko) (Empress of Emperor Godaigo).

There were only a few followers that remained when Shintaikenmon-in fell under the siege of KO no Moronao of Ashikaga forces in Yoshino, and Iga no Tsubone split the huge tree with her monstrous strength to make a bridge across Yoshino River when no one could go across with only half a bridge, and allowed everyone to go across safely.

She later became the wife of Masanori KUSUNOKI.