Milne John (ジョン・ミルン)

John MILNE (December 30, 1850 - July 31, 1913) was a mining engineer, seismologist, anthropologist, and archaeologist who was born in Liverpool, England. He was a professor emeritus at Tokyo University.

Brief Personal History

In 1850, he was born in Liverpool, England.

In 1876, at the invitation of teachers of Kogakuryo (The Imperial College of Engineering) in Kobusho (the Ministry of Industry), he came to Japan.

In 1877, he researched in Hakodate and published a report paper titled 'A Visit to the Volcano of Oshima' in a journal of The Asiatic Society of Japan.

In 1878, he excavated shell mounds in Hakodate along with Edward S. MORSE, Thomas BLAKISTON, and others. He discovered shell mounds in Benten-jima Island, Nemoro City.

In 1880, he founded Seismological Society of Japan (which dissolved in 1892).

In 1881, he married Tone HORIKAWA, the oldest daughter of Jokyo HORIKAWA, who was the chief priest of Ganjo-ji Temple (Hakodate Betsuin of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple).

He published a paper titled 'The Stone Age in Japan' (a property of Biological Sciences Library, the University of Tokyo; Matsumura Bunko 283).

In 1886, upon establishment of the University of Tokyo, he taught mining engineering and geology in the Faculty of Engineering.

He published a book titled 'Earthquake and Other Earth Movements.'

In 1892, he published a co-authored photo collection titled 'The Great Earthquake of Japan' (a photo collection on the damage from Nobi Earthquake) with William K. BURTON.

In 1894, he created 'Milne's horizontal pendulum seismograph' (Important Cultural Property).

In 1895, he returned to England with his wife Tone, resided in Shide in the Isle of Wight in the South of England, and continued his researches. Later he received the title of a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo.

In 1898, he published a book titled 'Seismology.'

In 1913, he died in England at the age of 63.

In 1919, his wife Tone returned to Hakodate due to illness.

Tone died in 1925.

In 1992, a reprinted edition of 'The Great Earthquake of Japan' was published.

A grave of the Milnes is located in 26, Funami-cho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido.


1886: "Earthquake and other Earth Movements"
1892: "The Great Earthquake of Japan" (joint authorship)
1898: "Seismology"