John William Drake (ジョン・ウイリアム・ドレーク)

However, the anger of the Japanese public could not be calmed down for the judgement, thus Foreign Minister Kaoru INOUE brought a charge against Drake for murder. As a result, Drake was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment from the judge Hannen of the British consulate of Yokohama.

John William Drake is an Englishman who lived in Japan during Meiji Period. He was the employee of the Madamson & Bell steamship company, and was the captain of the steamship Normanton.

On October 24, 1886, Normanton Incident occurred that all the 25 Japanese passengers on board of the ship were drowned; although Drake was accused of drowning the passengers, he was found not guilty by the British consul Troup of the consulate of Kobe, under the judgement of the consular jurisdiction.