Jukoin (寿光院) (寿光院)

Jukoin (orthographic style: 壽光院; year of birth unknown-November 17, 1741) was a Sokushitsu (concubine) of Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA of the Tokugawa Shogun family. She is known to have been called Oosuke.

Her father was Hirofusa SEIKANJI, a Dainagon(chief councilor). She first served in the Imperial Court as a Koto no naishi (a court noble lady) and then went to Edo to become a Joro (high rank woman servant in the Imperial Court) by introduction of Uemon no suke no tsubone, a head of O-oku (the inner halls of Edo Castle where the wife of the Shogun and her servants reside) in Jokyo era (1684-1688). Then she won the fifth Shogun Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA's favor and became his Sokushitsu. After Tsunayoshi's death in 1709, she shaved her head to become a priest and called herself as Jukoin. Since she had no biological child, she adopted Joganin, a daughter of her brother, Hirosada SEIKANJI, as Tsunayoshi's daughter.

Her graveyard is in Kanei-ji Temple (former Daiji-in Temple).