Tomikawa Juro (富川十郎)

Juro TOMIKAWA (1844-July 15, 1867) was a member of Shinsengumi (special police who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate).
His real name was 'Masayuki,' 'Yoshitoshi,' and 'Masashi.'
His (real) surname was 'FUJIWARA.'
It is considered that he came from Kai Province, or Hitachi Province.

He joined the Shinsengumi through the 1865 recruitment notice announced in Edo.

When Kashitaro ITO and others left the Shinsengumi to form a new group, Goryo-eji (guards of Imperial mausoleums), in March 1867, Juro remained with the Shinsengumi (there is a belief that he did so because of Ito's secret order).

In June of the same year, Juro, who opposed to the promotion of the Shinsengumi to Shogun's retainers, tried to join the Goryo-eji, but was prevented from doing so by Shinsengumi's rules. Afterwards, at the residence of Kyoto shugoshoku (Military governor of Kyoto), he rediscussed his departure from the Shinsengumi with Isami KONDO and others, but his request was rejected again. He, together with other members such as Tsukasa IBARAKI, Shimenosuke SANO, and Goro NAKAMURA, killed himself with sword at that residence.

He was buried at first in Koen-ji Temple and reburied in Kaiko-ji Temple later.