Kamo no Emishi (鴨蝦夷)

KAMO no Emishi (year of birth unknown – June 7, 695?) was from the Asuka period. His family name kamo鴨 was also written as kamo賀茂. In old Japanese syllabary characters, his name had been written the same, and its pronunciation is considered to have been the same too. His kabane (hereditary title) was Kimi, later he was raised to Ason (second highest of the eight hereditary titles). At the Jinshin War of 672, he supported Oama no Miko (Oshiama no Miko or Prince Oama who became Emperor Tenmu following the victory in the war) and guarded Iwate-no-michi Road. His last rank was Zo-Jikikosan (Jikikosan, given posthumously).

At the beginning of the Jinshin War, Oama no Miko left Yoshinonomiya Palace (present Nara Prefecture), then in the Imperial Court of Yamato City of Yamato Province (present Nara Prefecture) Otomo no Oji (Prince Otomo who was the enemy of Oama no Miko in the war) formed an army to suppress Oama no Miko and the followers. On June 29 (in old lunar calendar), OTOMO no Fukei, who was supporting Oama no Miko, seized the army of Yamato City by an incredible strategy. KAMO no Kimi Emishi found out about this incident and went to follow Fukei as well as other strong soldiers such as MIWA no Takechimaro.

On July 1 (in old lunar calendar), the army led by Fukei began to march north to Nara. When the army arrived at Hieda on the way to Nara, Fukei heard that a large army was coming from Kochi Province, so he sent three troops for it. Emishi led one of the troops, which had been formed of hundreds of soldiers, to guard Iwate-no-michi Road. In the records, the description of the fight between Emishi's troop and the enemy is not found; one of the troops sent by Fukei was led by SAKAMOTO no Takara, and they had a bitter fight with the enemy, then, on July 5 (in old lunar calendar), all the troops sent by Fukei had to retreat once, so Emishi's troop is considered to have retreated at the same time.

On November 1, 684 (in old lunar calendar), KAMO no Kimi Emishi was given the kabane of Ason.

On April 17, 695 (in old lunar calendar), KAMO no Ason Emishi was raised to Jikikosan posthumously and given a gift for his funeral. While he was alive, his last rank was Gondaiichi. On the same day, FUMI no Akamaro was given a higher rank and gift for his funeral as well, therefore, presumably, they had died on some days before.