Katsuragi no Sotsuhiko (葛城襲津彦)

KATSURAGI no Sotsuhiko (Sotsuhiko can be written as either '襲津彦' or '曽都毘古' in Japanese, and his first name, Sotsuhiko, is also known as Sachihiko written as 沙至比跪 in Japanese; year of birth and death unknown, but considered to have lived during a period from the latter fourth century to the early fifth century) was described in the "Kojiki" (Records of Ancient Matters) and the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) as the founder of Katsuragi clan, ancient local ruling family in the Katsuragi region, Yamato Province. There is a high probability that he really existed because his name appears in "Kudaraki" (Records of Paekche), one of three books of Paekche (Original Records of Paekche, Records of Paekche, and The New Selection of Paekche), whose chronology was almost accurate and which are considered to have been compiled based on historical materials in the same period.


The following description of Sotsuhiko first appeared in a document dated March 7, 205 in old calendar. Although he was dispatched to Silla as a watchdog of Prince Mishikochi who was rendered as hostage by the King of Silla, Sotsuhiko was deceived by an envoy dispatched by the King of Silla and allowed Prince Mishikochi to escape at Tsushima. Sotsuhiko who got angry attacked Kusawaranosashi Castle from Tataratsu, and brought a captive back.

In 262, Sotsuhiko was dispatched to defeat the Shilla Kingdom.
(The "Kudaraki" (Records of Paekche) told that although 'Kikoku (Japan) tried to defeat the Silla Kingdom using Sachihiko (Sotsuhiko), Sachihiko who was fascinated by a beautiful girl in Silla, turned his target of attack to Kaya (a confederacy of territorial polities in the Nakdong River basin of South Korea) and destroyed Kaya.)
(The royal family of Kaya that escaped to Paekche appealed directly to the Emperor, and the Emperor sent Mokurakonshi to attack Sachihiko.)
(Sachihiko who found that the emperor's anger would not be calmed killed himself.)

In 283, Yutsuki no kimi of Kudara told the Emperor Homuda (Emperor Ojin) that although he would like to take the people of Paekche and to nationalize themselves including himself, he could not cross the sea from Kaya due to disturbances by Silla. Although the Emperor ordered Sotsuhiko to go to Kaya and bring the people of Paekche to Japan, the Emperor heard nothing from him for three years.

In August 285 in old calendar, the Emperor said to Hegurinotsuku no sukune and Ikuhanotoda no sukune, 'Go to Kaya and rescue Sotsuhiko because I'm sure that Silla disturbs his return,' and dispatched soldiers to Kaya. The King of Silla who got frightened by the troops fled back to Silla. Then, Sotsuhiko finally returned back with the people of the Yutsuki clan.

In March 353 in old calendar, the King of Paekche ordered Sotsuhiko to take Sake no kimi, one of the royal family members of the Paekche Kingdom, who was rude to Kinotsu no sukune, to the Emperor.