Ki no Kosami (紀古佐美)

KI no Kosami (the early 730's-April 4, 797) was a Court noble of the higher ranks from the late Nara period to the early Heian period. His father was KI no Sukunamaro. His title and style was Seito Taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the eastern barbarians"), Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Dainagon (chief councilor of state), and Kotaishi-fu (an official in charge of education of the Crown Prince).

Since 764, when he was created Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank), he assumed the following posts in a row: Tango no kami (the governor of Tango Province), Hyobu-shoyu (junior assistant minister of the Hyobusho, or Ministry of Military), Ise no suke (Assistant Governor of Ise Province), and Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right). In 780, Kosami was appointed as Seito fukushi (Vice Commander for the conquest of eastern barbarians) and went to eastern provinces, accompanying Seito Taishogun FUJIWARA no Tsugutada. After he was appointed as Mutsu no kami (the governor of Mutsu Province) in 781, he assumed various posts in series, such as Sahyoe no kami (Captain of the Left Division of Middle Palace Guards), Sachuben (middle controller of the left), Shikibu no taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Ceremonial), and Chue no chujo (middle captain of the imperial guard). In 785, he assumed the post of Sangi (councillor). Afterwards, he was appointed as Seito Taishogun in 788 and went eastwards to subdue eastern barbarians in 789, but his attempts ended in failure due to the resistance from Aterui, the head of barbarians. When he returned the capital, he was sentenced to imprisonment for the loss of legions of soldiers but pardoned. Later, he was appointed as Chunagon (middle counsellor) and promoted to Shosanmi Dainagon and Kotaishi-fu. In preparation for the transfer of the national capital to the city of Heian-kyo, Kosami and FUJIWARA no Oguromaro surveyed Kadono County, Yamashiro Province.

According to one theory, he is also said to be the ancestor of the Masuko clan.